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Rumble is a game of both strategy and luck in which players use their energy points to both attack their opponents and defend themselves. It's every man for himself as players fight to be the last man standing.

Players also get special abilities before the game starts that they can use to try to gain an edge over their opponents.

The Basics
Every player begins the game with 100 HP--hit points that double as energy points. This number will decrease throughout the game if an attack is successful, or if HP is burned up through the use of certain special abilities. If a player's HP drops to 0, he or she is eliminated. The last one standing is the winner.

Each Rumble game is made up of rounds, and those rounds are made up of two phases--the Allocation Phase and the Resolution Phase.

The Allocation Phase
In this phase, players choose how many of their points they will assign to Attack, Defense, and (optionally) Special Abilities. Defense will defend them against all opponents, but Attacks are targeted towards specific opponents. These choices will be made by way of screened comments on a specific post. Here is an example comment:
Attack: 30 HP to Player B; 10 HP to Player C; 10 HP to Player D
Defense: 40 HP
Ability: 10 HP for Ability A
After the deadline has ended or everyone has submitted their actions (whichever comes first), the choices and their results are revealed in the Resolution Phase.

The Resolution Phase
In this phase, all the attacks against a specific player are totaled, and their defense points are subtracted from that damage. What's left is the damage they suffer. That damage is subtracted from their total hit points. Here is an example:
• Attacked by Player B (20 HP)
• Attacked by Player D (30 HP)
• Total Damage (50) - Defense (40) = Damage (10)

Special Abilities
There is a basic ability list to choose abilities from, but players are welcome to submit their own ability ideas. Player-created powers can affect any reasonable part of the game and have varying degrees of power. But be warned, any future mods and I will check to make sure there's nothing overpowered before you get approved.

In general, special abilities can give bonuses to attack or defense, or give the player some other kind of advantage over their opponents. Here are some basic examples of abilities:
Regeneration (Passive)- Gain 3 HP at the beginning of each Round.
Fighting Spirit (Active)- If you don't use any other powers during the round, add 20 to your Attack.
Precognition (Passive)- You may choose how to distribute HP after other people have revealed their choices. You must still choose which powers you are using normally, however.
Human Shield (20 HP)- Choose an opponent. That opponent's Defense will be added to your Defense during the Resolution Phase.
Passive abilities take effect automatically at the beginning of each round. Active abilities require no HP Cost, but certain conditions must be met. If an ability has (X HP) by its name, then HP must be distributed to it during the Allocation Phase for the ability to take effect. (NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, powers can be used any number of times per turn.)

If an ability has (X HP) by its name, then players simply spend HP on it the same way they would spend HP on Attack or Defense. If the ability has (X HP Burn) written by it, however, then the HP spent is actually lost as damage. The stronger abilities will typically require HP Burn.

Gaining Abilities
Before the game begins, each player chooses TWO abilities that they would like to see used in the game. Players will not necessarily get the powers they choose, however.

After sign-ups end, players will bid on the available powers using the 100 HP that they have. The bids will be made via screened comments on a bidding post, and they will be revealed approximately one week afterward or after all players have bid (whichever comes first). Players can only bid up to 100 HP total, across all abilities they wish to bid on.

The highest bidder for each ability gets that ability for the game. If you win a bid, you lose HP equal to your bid for it--so bidding on powers reduces the total HP you start the game with. If you bid on an ability and you do not win it, your HP is refunded.

The amount of HP you use to win a power determines that ability's Ability Power. Some abilities vary in utility based on their Ability Power. For example, you might have an ability that deals damage equal to half its Ability Power.

Bid carefully. Sure, it's awesome to bid 40 HP and win that Badass Power That Wins the Game, but then you've only got 60 HP for the rest of the game. In the same vein, it's probably not a good thing if you win 4 different powers for 20 HP each.

If bids are tied, the tied players bid again via PM. If you don't want an ability, don't bid on it. Any abilities that do not receive bids are removed. Furthermore, if you win an ability, you have the right to discard it before play for a full HP refund--you do not actually have to use an ability that you win.
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